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Business Credit Mastery

Turn an every day life expense into a legitimate business expense
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Learn how to get access to $10-50k or more in business credit using your EIN, and not your SSN/personal credit

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Leasing vs Financing: Find out which option may be best for you and your business
  2. 2
    Find out the Do's & Don't's of working with a vehicle manufacturer when shopping for a business vehicle

Course Info

In this course, you'll not only learn from Sierra Nicole, but 2 industry expert guest speakers to give you everything you need to know about:

Tax Strategy:

In this session, you'll learn how to strategically use your vehicle as an asset.

An industry expert will break down every tax strategy and tax code to teach you how business vehicles can benefit you financially. 

Dealership Secrets:

An industry expert will teach you the differences and pros & cons of leasing vs financing your vehicles.

You will also learn the do's and don'ts when working with a car dealership.  

Business Credit Strategies:

Learn the different strategies of getting approved for a business vehicle (leasing or financing) with and without using your personal credit. 

Your Instructors

  • Sierra Nicole

    Creator of 14 Day Guide To Making More & Working Less in Your Online Business

    Sierra Nicole is an entrepreneur and social media influencer based in Dallas, Texas. She uses her platform to help others start, grow or find their small businesses. Sierra had assisted over 4,000 students so far in 2021. She is also the co-founder of Elite Trade Academy, a vocational trade school in Texas.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee