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Broadcast to Billions: Be Confident on Camera

Become confident on camera today and connect to more customers

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Learn how to overcome excuses and get the no-fail roadmap to making more compelling video today.

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    Step-by-step instructions through video training on how to craft your personal story
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    10+ downloadable checklists to give you the ultimate guide to content ideas
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    The best affordable equipment you need and how to look your best among others
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    Writing tips and worksheets to script winning videos
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    Access to the private Broadcast to Billions Facebook community

Course Info

Broadcast to Billions®: Be Confident on Camera gives you the ultimate guide to becoming confident on camera, creating compelling videos, and crafting your story - from a Network TV Correspondent.

You’ll learn exactly how to:

👉 Toss aside imposter syndrome and get out of your own way to be more comfortable and confident on camera.

👉 Look and sound your best on camera.

👉 Craft your pwn personal story.

👉 Know what to say on camera.

👉 Repurpose your video into more than a dozen platforms.

👉 Pick the right equipment to create professional looking video.

Your Instructors

  • Debra Alfarone

    Debra Alfarone is a highly sought after On-Camera Confidence Coach and a current Network TV Correspondent for CBS stations across the country. The one thing Debra’s learned in her dozen-plus years as a journalist is that EVERYBODY has a story. And everybody’s story DESERVES to be told. Debra is known for her engaging, uplifting and inspirational coaching style. Her clients range from on-air TV reporters to entrepreneurs, experts and everyday people with an important message to share.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee