Evonne Smith

Breastfeeding in the Real World

Ditch the doubt about whether you can breastfeed successfully.

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This course is going to teach you how to confidently prepare for breastfeeding success.

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    21 video lessons (20 minutes or less) that are neatly organized so you can easily find specific topics
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    Problem-solving techniques that are demonstrated with visuals of real parents and babies
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In this course you're going to learn:

• Four key concepts for achieving a pain-free latch in any breastfeeding position.

• How to recognize when things are going well and when there's a problem for you or your baby (how to tell if you're doing it right).

• When to push through challenges, when to call for help, and how to find the right help.

• How to incorporate bottles and pumping so you have flexible feeding options.

• Five common problem scenarios and how to care for your baby and yourself in each.

Your Instructors

  • Evonne Smith

    Evonne Smith is a board-certified lactation consultant, newborn care specialist, and healing arts practitioner. Over the past seven years, she has supported the parents of more than 500 babies with breastfeeding, healthy sleep habits and energy healing. Her mission is to help new parents cultivate the know-how, intuition, and mindfulness they need to thrive.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee