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Beginner to Advance Sewing Classes

My goal is to get you to "Sew Amazing"


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Your Outcome

You will learn the basics of your sewing machine operation and tools of the trade. You will become familiar with the language of sewing through vocabulary. You will actively work on sewing techniques and document your progress. You will get sewing experience with a course project. You will have homework to practice and prep for the next class and a sewing tip of the day.

Course Offers

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    No experience is required. Age recommendations 8 years and up.
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    You get to watch these videos as many times as necessary.
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    The courses were created to build upon each other so I highly recommend whether you are a beginner or avid sewer that you go through all the courses in order because there is so much vital information that can be added to your sewing knowledge base.
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    A sewing manual is provided so that you can record and file each sewing technique done in class for future reference and to add any notes.
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    Help is available by contacting me through my email.

Course Info

1. There are 6 classes in each course and in each class you will have an introduction to what will be happening in class and a short review of previous classes.

2. A list of supplies you will need for each class will be given.

3. Several related vocabulary words with definitions will be given to get you familiar with the language of sewing.

4. Actively working on sewing sample techniques to be placed into your sewing manual. (ex. zippers, button and buttonholes,etc)

5. Working on a course project.

6. Homework to practice and prep for the next class.

7. Each class will end with a sewing tip to help enhance your experience and give you knowledge for your sewing journey.

Your Instructors

  • Brenda Holts Headshot
    Brenda Holts Headshot

    Brenda Holts

    Fashion Designer | Sewist

    It has been my passion for over 50 years to create, sew and design. I am an experienced fashion designer, sewist, custom dressmaker, and alterationist with many years of experience in the cut and sew industry. I have degrees in Enviromental Design from UC Davis and a Fashion Design degree from FIDM. I have participated in various fashion shows, and have created custom designs for my clientele. Realizing that what I know and have learned over the years about this industry is not being taught in the educational system any more, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences to all who want to learn how to sew, young or old through courses ranging from Beginner to Advance so that the passion for sewing will continue to the next generations. My goal is to get everyone to "Sew Amazing".