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Learn the illustration styles, that helped Roman Klco reach 200k followers on Instagram. Get on board and unlock your creative potential today!
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Course Info

3d sushi by polygun runway

Why learn 3D?

3D can be just another design tool to get things done. It’s on the rise and you can incorporate 3D illustration into your everyday design workflow. I have prepared a little pinboard so you can see it for yourself. The tricky part is knowing what to learn. Hunting scattered YouTube videos and putting the puzzle pieces together can take a lot of your time. And your time is an asset. Instant action

With me, you jump right into the action and within the first hour, you will have your first 3D illustration rendered! Let me show you the image, that one of the students created. One hour lesson is all it took!

I won’t bore you with lengthy fundamentals sections. You will only learn essential information as you go, and by the end of the course, you will find out that there is no limit on what you can create. At every step, I share my personal workflow tips and every time add a little bit of a secret sauce to the mix.

Additionally, every chapter has a dedicated downloadable file, so if for some reason you feel like skipping a particular chapter, you can continue working right where the next chapter starts. You get the most out of your time.

Why Blender

Is it possible, that open-source completely free software can reach the level of industry-standard packages? Even if it sounds too good to be true, it’s a reality. Since the release of version 2.8 last year, it has a beautiful and intuitive UI, amazing render engines, and a complete set of tools, that you need for 3D production.

Did you know, that Netflix full feature animated movie Next Gen was made completely in Blender?

I believe in Blender and I think it can be the first choice for illustrators and designers when it comes to 3D.

Bonus content

There are bonus video chapters on topics, that extend the knowledge and can be applied to every scene from the original episodes. Right away, you gain access to a closed community group, where I will personally try to answer any questions or struggles you might encounter on your 3D illustrator journey. Additionally, there are two 3D models asset packs waiting for you to use without limitation on all your personal and commercial projects.

100+ scenes to download for FREE

In addition to the course and bonus content, you get every scene, that I have ever done for my YouTube videos. That's already 100+ scenes with 4-8 new scenes coming every month. So you get access to the same content, that my Patrons get, so it's an additional $84 yearly value.

Your Instructors

  • Roman Klco
    Roman Klco

    Roman Klco

    Digital product designer

    For 15+ years, I worked as an interactive and digital product designer in advertising, media, and e-commerce. I was always in love with 3D graphics and as soon as I could, I started incorporating them into my design workflow.

    Later, I challenged myself to create several 3D illustrations a week as a passion project to really push my skills further and I started to share my journey on social media.

    I was quite overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and the fact, that people really wanted to learn, how I make my illustrations. That ultimately led to a decision to make a comprehensive one-stop 3D illustration course to help you on your designer journey.

One-Time Purchase
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee