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Airbnb Investor Academy

Investing in short term rental properties (Airbnb) is the fastest path to financial freedom!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Outcome

Learn how to successfully find, evaluate, invest in and manage Airbnb properties.

Course Offers

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    Lifetime access to the course (any updates I make in the future)
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    Over 70 modules spanning 6+ hours of content
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    Screen-share demos of all the software and customer investment analysis tools I personally use
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    Lifetime access to a private Facebook mastermind group
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    Complete step by step guide to evaluating investing in and managing short term vacation rental properties
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    Access to ALL of my personal resources

Course Info

Airbnb Investor Academy is the best course on the market to learn how to successfully invest in and manage short term vacation rentals.

The cash flow potential for short term vacation rentals is substantially higher than what traditional real estate investments produce.

One, or just a few properties, can produce enough monthly cash flow to set you financially free. With the use of technology and software automation tools, you no longer have to pay a property manager large fees to manage your properties.

You can successfully manage properties from a distance, and run them effectively.In this course, you will learn everything you need to know, to become an expert short term rental investor and Airbnb operator.

Your Instructors

  • Michael Elefante

    Michael Elefante became financially free at age 27 by investing in Airbnb properties. He currently cash flows over $30k/month and teaches others how to do it successfully.