Jessica Baum

7 Stages of Detoxing From an Unhealthy Relationship

Free Yourself From Your Toxic Bond - Mind, Body, Spirit
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Your Outcome

Freedom and an understanding of your core wounds, trauma bonding patterns as well as how your body is detoxing from an unhealthy attachment.

Course Offers

  1. 1
    Downloadable worksheets to help you as you discover your core wounds and trauma bonding
  2. 2
    Exercises designed to allow you to grieve and fully let go
  3. 3
    Worksheets on boundaries (using your past to create new boundaries)
  4. 4
    Supportive community advice and access to our Facebook support group for women

Course Info

Do you struggle cycling in and out of a toxic relationship?

Is closing the door and walking away from your relationship extremely hard—even when you know that leaving is what is best for you?

This is common because attachment runs deep and without the right support it is hard to walk away.

Be prepared by learning the stages that you will experience as you detox (physically and mentally) from an unhealthy relationship, and understand your specific trauma bond so you can move forward without repeating the same pattern in your next relationship.

Here's what's covered in this course:

1. Understanding what is happening inside your body chemically while you're detoxing from an unhealthy bond.

2. Gaining insight into trauma bonding and understand your core wounds that keep getting repeated.

3. Learning effective ways to grieve that allow you to truly move forward

4. Understanding the unique process of detaching so you are prepared.

This course is for anyone who is:

- Struggling to leave the relationship they're in

- Repeating the same relationship patterns and wanting to get a deeper understanding so they can have healthier relationships moving forward.

- Scared about letting go and wants to really understand what is going on in their body, why it is so hard and be provided a clear path forward.

Your Instructors

  • Jessica Baum

    Jessica Baum is a psychotherapist and coach the owner and founder of Relationship Institute of Palm Beach as well as Be Self-full (online coaching company). She has an undergraduate degree from Fordham University, and holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling from South University. As a certified substance abuse specialist, her focus is chemical abuse, co-dependency, and anxiety. Jessica is also a certified Imago Therapist (couples counseling). Using the Imago approach, Jessica helps treat family systems and couples issues with an extensive knowledge on relationships and trauma.

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